The World in 4
of the Pythagoreans

"Everything relating to knowledge bears a number."

Philolaus (Pythagorean philosopher)


Professional Dictionary of Numerology

  • Discover the hidden side
    of Numbers

    The fruit of decades of study, our numerology dictionary is intended for professionals who wish to build a reliable database of analyses and interpretations based on the definitions provided. The informed amateur will also find there a very abundant source of information.
    Entirely encrypted, it works exclusively with MonDico software (the free version without possibility of modification or the full version allowing you to customize it).

    • • Integrates all the interpretations of the Numbers Forces.
    • • More than 2300 editable entries.
    • • Possibility to add new definitions.
    • • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.5 and + and Linux (64-bit version)

    Created with MonDico
    Complete Dictionary of Numerology
    Viewing a definition
  • Customize
    your dictionary

    From 0 to the letter Z, more than 2300 entries, integrating our latest researches (Number Force, Numerotype, Aspects between numbers...). Develop this exclusive database of your own analyses and knowledge.

    • • Add definitions easily
    • • Modify existing entries
    • • Illustrate your entries with one or more images
    • • Associate an additional PDF file
    • • Import your own files in csv format

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    Editing a definition
    Associate a tag
  • The Force of Numbers
    in one click...

    The Number Force is the number most present in a theme. It is like the dominant color of a painting. This is why any study should be conducted keeping in mind that this number colors and shades all the interactions of the theme. Sometimes its intensity is such that it overwhelms all other parameters.
    However, we often have two or even three Numbers Forces, a kind of duet or trifecta winning numbers in a theme. For the first time, we reveal all the meanings.
    With our dictionary:

    • • Find a term easily
    • • Insert links to external sites
    • • Set your favorite entries

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    All numerotypes
    Search for a numerological term
    Add a favorite
  • Deepen
    your analyses

    While mathematics is the emerging part of Number, there is a whole hidden metaphysical dimension. Whatever your method of apprehending it, all the content of this dictionary can be reinvested in your work and research. Because the meaning of Number is universal.

    • • Copy and paste your definitions into your studies
    • • Print your files from your browser
    • • Generate PDF files

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